Windows Terminal: Microsoft’s coolest project

windows terminal

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Microsoft was for years, a company with a disturbing image: its absolute dominance of the PC market. Its debatable commercial tactics put it in the eye of the hurricane. But for a while, this image has changed remarkably. Heavy changes are seen on Open Source. Now a project related to that unique “love” for this philosophy has become the most surprising and great of Microsoft in recent years: it is Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal For developers

It may not be a tool that conventional users use a lot. But the command console is still fundamental support for many system administrators, technicians and especially developers.

It is this interface that gives access to this new integration of Linux with Windows through the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

This gives access to instances of different Linux distributions through Bash consoles.

A few months ago at Microsoft they wanted to integrate all their consoles or terminals into one.

Hence to create a unique project called Windows Terminal.

An idea created by Microsoft developers and aimed especially at other developers.

From this application, it is possible to have open tabs with different types of terminals.

From a Powershell to a DOS console.

Of course, through the different Bash consoles of the Linux distributions that we have chosen to activate in our Windows 10 system.

Microsoft, in startup mode

The surprising thing has been the rapid evolution of this application.

Widows terminal startup mode

The evolution of Windows Terminal has been dizzying.

This is shown by both the Windows Command Line blog at Microsoft and the project page on GitHub.

First came the announcement in May 2019 of a preliminary version that was available on a limited basis.

In June 2019 we already had a public version to be able to use it in a completely normal way.

In that version, it was already possible to change the background image for each profile.

The updates to version 0.2 that arrived in July could not only be downloaded independently but already appeared in the Windows Store.

The versions have been happening and in October for example, dynamic profiles and better eyelash management arrived.

eyelash management windows terminal

Shortly afterwards, other improvements would come in Windows Terminal after the end of Windows 7 support.

Such as the November version that allowed reorganizing tabs or opening multiple sessions on the same tab.

multiple sessions terminal windows

Work continued, and now Microsoft has just announced that the next version, v0.8, will arrive on January 14.


With two striking features.

The first, the search, which will allow you to find text strings that we used during the session in different Windows Terminal.

search feature in windows console

The second, even more striking, is the presence of an absolutely great and very cool CRT mode that will allow us to see the screen as if it were an old CRT monitor.

CRT mode in terminal

That will even have a special typeface.

The so-called IBM VGA8 which is very similar to the one used in the old PCs of the 80s and early 90s.

Windows Terminal 1.0 is expected to arrive next April.

Although the news that will be integrated is unknown.

What is clear is that all these unique improvements show that Microsoft’s project is one of the most striking of recent times.

In which a company that usually moves much more slowly in other software projects.

Undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for a Microsoft that with this type of initiatives continues to improve an image that for years was very different from the current Windows Terminal.

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