Top 5 Banned Android Apps from Google Play Store

Banned Android Apps

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Not all applications exceed security filters in the Google Play Store, so we show you Top 5 Banned Android Apps that were banned.

Google Play Store, the Google application store, has strict security protocols to offer users free platforms of any politically incorrect aspect.

Each app must undergo several tests and verifications before it gets uploaded to the Play Store, so not all of them passes the test line that Google has.

Therefore, we want to show you some of the applications that have been banned from the Play Store for breaking the strict laws or for other reasons.

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Vidmate banned app

With this application, users can save videos from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Its operation is effortless since you only have to enter the social network, search for your video, and press the download button.

Then, you only have to select the format and save the video.

The bad news?

This service is not in the Play Store and, to use it, you must resort to downloading a Mirror APK.

The app never reached the Google store for legal reasons and moved to the Banned Android App category forever. 


snaptube android banned

SnapTube has an optimized interface with straightforward operation and, the best part is that it does not take up much space and has less use of resources.

Some of the exciting features include videos classified in several parts and the ability to add to favourites.

There is also a quick download mode and the ability to download several videos at once.

If everything is so perfect …

Why can’t it be download from the Google Play Store? 

The Play Store, being a Google store, never allow the entry of this app mainly because it could violate the policies of videos that post on YouTube, although there are always ways to manage.

Flappy bird

flappy bird android

It was not Google’s decision as such, but the app is already out and banned from the Play Store and App Store.

The creator, Dong Nguyen, explained on social networks that he was going to eliminate his game because it was ruining his life.

Before that happened, the stores of both operating systems had already considered banning the game.

TV Portal

Tv portal android banned apps

The goodness of this application is that it allows users to stream their favourite TV shows through their Android devices.

Also, TV Portal had a very extensive series catalogue, a situation that only improved things.

However, the success of the app ended very soon since it had many copyright problems in the Play Store. 



Can you imagine playing PlayStation titles on your Android? 

That’s what this app was about. But just by mentioning its objective, we could quickly interpret that it had many legal problems even if it reached significant popularity in a concise time.

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