The best subreddits to spend these days of quarantine

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Are you wasting time on Tinder or TikTok? Hence, during these days it is difficult to blame someone or find someone who does not want to practice at least a little emotional escapism. In addition, with what we are living as a result of COVID-19, there are plenty of reasons to want to evade the real world looking for safety on another side. On the Internet, there are many sites to fight boredom and spend the days of confinement. On YouTube, we can find many channels to disconnect and relax. Hence, on Reddit, if we know where to look, there are many “happy places” where to entertain ourselves and see nice things for a change. These are some of the most relaxed and enjoyable subreddits that have nothing to do with news, data, or concerns, just simple things in life that may make you smile.

r / aww

best subreddit dogs
r / dogswearinghats

It is difficult not to know this best subreddits if you are part of the community, in addition, it usually always has content on the cover of Reddit. However, there is never a need to recommend r / aww to anyone who just wants to see something nice and nice on the Internet, usually related to animals.

Hence, in the same style of r / aww there are more subreddits where “sad” content is not allowed. These are some:

r / cats

best subreddits cats
r / catsareliquid

Another must-see is the largest and one of the best subreddits on cats. However, to be less obvious, I’m going to leave you with a somewhat extensive list of cat subreddits that are guaranteed happiness :

r / OddlySatisfaying

Hence, this is one of the best subreddits for people who enjoy watching strangely satisfying things. There isn’t necessarily an explanation for why some of the things you see here cause a brain “tickle,” but it happens. Nevertheless, r / OddlySatisfaying is not the only one of its kind, these are some similar:

r / hmmm

r / hmmm

By the way, this is the best subreddits that are “as the Internet as possible”, in fact, its description is ” Internet is an art “. If you don’t understand reading, you just have to look at the things that are shared there. In the same spirit, I leave these last varied recommendations:

Finally, if you have more subreddits, do put in the comment section for others.

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