The Best Free Android Apps 2020

best free android apps 2020

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We bring you a collection with the best free Android apps 2020, where we will unite some essential applications that cannot be missing on any device with some of the best apps released in 2020. The ultimate goal is that, whether you have bought a new mobile phone or feel like an explorer, you can get the most out of it with these applications.

In this article, we will also try to make the types of applications as varied as possible so that we can satisfy different types of users. We have a total of 10 applications with their corresponding download links, ranging from those for personalization to other more practical ones.

APKMirror Installer

We are going to start with a new application that will delight advanced users who usually install third-party applications downloaded outside of the Google application store. This is an official installer for the popular APK Mirror repository, which is where you can find the APK installers of the different versions of each Android app, whether or not they are in the official mobile store.

The application will not help you download the applications in APK format, you will have to continue doing it by hand. What it will do is help you manage and assist those APK files extremely easily. This is one of the best free android apps 2020.

Bing Wallpapers

When we talk about customizing Android to the maximum one of the first steps that you always have to take is to choose a good wallpaper. And Microsoft has created this app released in 2020 for just that. Their mission is simple but effective: give you access to all Bing wallpapers to make your mobile look as beautiful as possible.

It is a simple application, with a polished interface and with the advantage that the funds are downloaded at the highest quality and resolution. You can access the complete photo gallery of Bing, the most recent collection of photos that it has been publishing in the search engine, or simply allow you to configure the solid color you want as the background.


Canva is an online image design tool that we have already talked about in-depth and we have offered you several tricks for its desktop version. But this tool is not only left on the desktop, and it also has a powerful mobile version with which you can do multiple types of design without paying.

With it, you will be able to create images and compositions for your social networks, both Instagram posts, and stories, and it does it in a simple way so that you do not have to have the design knowledge to use it. It’s like an easy version of Photoshop, with up to 60,000 free templates created by professionals, and the possibility to explore its paid version in case you need a little more.


This is another of the best free android apps 2020 that repeat with respect to our list from last year, but that for a long time that passes is still an absolute must for those who are going to visit a great city that is not theirs. The app can be configured to choose one of the capitals or large cities that are available, and when you do, you can move around the city as if you were a local, knowing all the combinations of public transport available. It works with your mobile, but also with Android Wear watches.

You just have to tell where you are, and taking into account your geolocation, Citymapper will plot various routes from which you can choose. The routes will combine different public transports, so you can take a combination of buses, buses or subways, or simply subways. And in all this, you are guided step by step, with details such as telling you how many steps you have left to reach the platform where you must get off to continue your journey and take the next link.

Disney +

A little later in this list, you will find Netflix since despite not being new it is still one of the best streaming applications available. And among the competition that has been coming non-stop, the newcomer Disney + stands out, which has productions from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and many others.

With its application you can easily access all the content, being able to download it to the device to be able to see it later even if you do not have an Internet connection. You can also send what you are watching to the Chromecast, and it has the always right option to skip the introduction of another series.


Feedly is still one of the best free android apps 2020 to read your news on any device, even on the computer. It is a complete feed reader with good options to search, catalogue, and review all the online media or blogs that you want to add. All this with an easy to understand and manage interface.

This application will allow you to organize your reading pages by groups, being able to later read the latest publications from each group or directly from all at once. You also have other functions such as hot topics or current affairs, and the possibility of knowing which publications are having the most readings. It has a free version and another paid version.

Firefox focus

Firefox Focus is not only a great browser for all those who want to preserve their online privacy by blocking ads and trackers on web pages, but it is one of the best browsers in general that you can download for your mobile phone, either to use it as the main or only for those specific consultations in which you do not want to be tracked.

The browser has been created by the same company behind Firefox, one of the ones that best takes care of your privacy. But with him, they wanted to go a little further by focusing exclusively on it. It has some positive aspects, such as not being able to manage several tabs well, but if this does not matter to you, it is still one of the most to consider.


Installing a third-party keyboard not only helps you gain extra functions on your mobile but also allows you to customize it a little more. And in the field of keyboards for Android, Gboard is undoubtedly one of the great references, very popular for having menus in which it integrates many of Google’s services.

Without going any further, on this keyboard you can use the Google translator as if it were an extension. You also have an emoji search engine, the possibility of creating personalized stickers with your face to use in any application or write in two languages ​​at the same time. Maybe, if you are one of those people who are very concerned about privacy, you may not like that Google can know what you write, but in return, you have a very versatile keyboard.

Google Keep

Google Keep has long been one of the best note-taking apps on Android, another tool created by Google itself to compete with third-party apps, and that you can use both from your mobile and from the web, which helps a lot to be able to take or consult notes wherever you are. It allows you to create reminders by place, you can share notes and even create collaborative notes to, for example, make the shopping list as a family.

There are also different formats, such as conventional text notes or a checklist whose content you can mark as done. You can give the notes different colors as if they were post it to organize yourself to your liking. In short, another one of those almost essential applications that possibly continues to be on the best apps lists for quite some time.

Google Photos

Google Photos is another one of those best free android apps 2020 that, for a long time, remain practically essential for any Android user. You can use it in two ways, free to have unlimited space in exchange for the photos being compressed, or buying space on Google One to upload them in original quality.

But beyond the limits of space, the great asset of Google Photos is in its interface, both in the mobile and in the browser. It has a search engine to find the photos you want by different terms or dates, typing the name of a city or country to find the photos you took there or even terms such as concert or flower to search for the photos that Google interprets as such. You also have automatic creation of improved photos or videos, the ability to group photos by faces to see only those of certain people, or to create your own albums in which you can even put maps when they are on a trip.

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