The Best blackpods! Know all the Truth!


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The fever on the imitations of the AirPods does not decay. There are more and more replicas that add their own personality brand. The last ones to become fashionable are the ones in matt colour, especially black. Well, it must be said that they are very elegant, and I personally prefer them over the whites. They are being so requested that I do not understand how the apple brand does not take advantage of this gap in the market. In this guide, our goal is to show you the best BlackPods to date. In addition to helping you find the most profitable.

The truth about BlackPods

First of all, we must make it clear that BlackPods is not a brand. But the name that a store gave the black AirPods. Yes, they did not think much. These are clone pods.

As a result, many more stores opened up to imitate their practices. And, they are not very ethical that we say. Some of them, like BlvkNoir and BlkPods, have already been previously analyzed.

However, they do not cease to arise more and more and each one pretends to be the official.

None of the stores has apple rights. They simply work with the dropshipping model. That is, they buy cheaply from Chinese suppliers and sell more expensive.

Then they advertise on social networks like Instagram and Facebook or video platforms such as YouTube. In fact, these headphones became viral thanks to a video from Unbox Therapy.

The truth to all this is that the headphones they sell only modify the packaging. That is the presentation. You can all find them on AliExpress in half, or half of half the real price. It is not a scam, but it is a practice that borders on illegality.

🏆 The best BlackPods on the market

Much cheaper than the original assumptions.

Finding the best BlackPods is not an easy task. Fortunately, we have already analyzed a lot of headphones on the blog. Which allows us to optimize our work and go safe.

Luckily, some of the vendors we use for past purchases also sell the matt black version. And, this is after all the one that interests.

i9000 TWS

i9000 tws

The i9000 TWS headphones have become the most popular imitation. What less than making a dark colour version. For just over $29 you will find everything you are looking for.

They are more similar to AirPods 2 and have wireless charging. The pop-up shows the real battery and the proximity sensor allows us to remove the headset to stop listening to music or place it in the ear to play it again.

i520 TWS

i520 blackpods

These hearing aids are presented as the start of the second generation. And, they have been among the first to adopt the colour black and not a simple silicone case.

There are really few differences between these and the first. However, we have not had the pleasure of analyzing them. But its closest copy: i500 TWS.

They cost a little less, but if I had to bet on some they would remain the first in the ranking of black pods.

i12 TWS


I would go so far as to say that the i12 TWS or Inpods 12 are the headphones that the stores we mention most use. We could consider them first-generation since they have no proximity sensor.

They continue to maintain compatibility with both Android and iOS, Bluetooth 5.0 and can be used separately. Since they are the newest version.

If you want an imitation of black and cheap in colour, it is certainly one of the best alternatives.

If you want to buy a good replica of the AirPods in black(BlackPods) and have doubts, we recommend you leave a comment just below. We will try to answer you as soon as possible and advise you on your purchase.

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