Realme Buds Air: Realme’s new wireless headphones

Realme Buds Air Launch

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After Apple launched its AirPods, there have been few manufacturers who have dared to take out their alternatives. Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Sony and even Microsoft have put their products on the table. Even some copies of the originals sold worldwide for a reasonable price. More famous product was the blackpods and clonepods. Some with an aesthetic more similar to those of Apple, others with a different design. But all of them are completely wireless. Now it’s the turn of Realme, which has just announced the new Realme Buds Air.

True Wireless and instant sync from Google

Likewise in wireless headphones, Realme Buds Air has a charging and storage case. It measures 51.3 mm high, 45.3 mm wide, 25.3 mm thick and weighs about 42 grams. The headphones per ear are Half-in Ear type and weigh 4.2 grams, in the line seen so far. The case is charged by wireless charging compatible with the Qi protocol or by USB/ type C.

Buds Realme

According to Realme, the Buds Air offers up to 17 hours of music reproduction. Although that figure refers to the sum of the autonomy of the case and headphones at 50% volume. In continuous music playback, Realme states that its headphones hold up to three hours, so taking account of the fully charged case we aspire to charge the headphones four to five times.
  The headphones have the R1 chip, which is used to connect them to the phone “without latency” thanks, in part, to Google Fast Pair. Google’s technology to connect Bluetooth devices without waiting (which will arrive in the first quarter of 2020). It also has a gaming mode designed for games that “reduces latency by 51%” compared to the normal mode. In normal mode, the latency is 243.8 ms and in gaming mode 119.3 ms, depending on the brand.

Ambient Noise Cancellation Feature of Realme

Realme Air Buds have ambient noise cancellation (ENC), but that is confirmed will only work on calls. To do this, the Buds Air has two microphones placed above and below. Those analyzes the ambient sound and filter the intrusive sounds. Something designed to improve the sound of the voice in calls.                                                                     

Hence, note that Realme Air Buds have gesture control, being able to double click to pick up a call or stop the music, moving on to the next song with three touches, launch the voice assistant with a long press on one of the sides and launch the gaming mode by pressing steadily on both sides. They are also able to detect when we put them on or take off to start or pause the music.

Realme Air

In terms of connectivity, Realme Air Buds have Bluetooth 5.0 and Dynamic Bass Boost, an option with which they seek to achieve better bass. According to the brand, in their tests, the headphones have endured 12,000 drops and temperatures up to -50ºC and 75ºC.

Versions and price of Realme Buds Air

Realme colours

Finally, the Realme Buds Air stays for now in India. You can make the booking today as well and they can be purchased from December 23, 2019. Its price is 3,999 Indian rupees, which are about 55 USD. These are available in white, black and yellow.

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