ProtonVPN 2.0: Best free VPN for Android

Best Free VPN for Android

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Connecting to the Internet from any suitable device is usually as simple as setting up a mobile network or accessing a WiFi. Now, this process can hide privacy risks depending on how secure the connection is; with the addition that the web or service with which we connect will not always work since it may restrict to certain countries. Fortunately, there is a simple way to solve the above problems: a VPN. Of course, not all are equally safe. Find out which is the best free VPN for Android.

If you are running spy apps on Android, it is important to hide your identity.

On Android, VPNs have been popularized, applications that create a tunnel between servers in order to show companies that our mobile phone is located in another country.

In addition, many people use a VPN to avoid being tracked; With the added problem that, depending on the company behind the app, the result may be the opposite: leave all data along the way.

Therefore, nothing like using an application recognized for your privacy, such as ProtonVPN.

The app, created by CERN scientists and protected by Swiss laws recognize as one of the safest and most private of Android within the VPN category.

And now it has just been renewed with more security, faster connection and better stability.

The Best Free VPN for Android recommendation among VPN applications

Best Free VPN for Android servers

It is not the first time that we recommend this application since we analyze its first version as soon as you land on Android.

Already at the time left us very good feelings.

And now, with the 2.0 update, ProtonVPN raises the already high bar of security.

Privacy with a VPN suitable for anyone who wants to browse anonymously or use the web services of another country.

Version 2.0 of ProtonVPN is a new app that is already in the store Google Play Store.

The previous version is no longer available.

So all its users need to download the new ProtonVPN, the Best Free VPN for Android. In essence, it has not changed much since it continues to offer anonymous connections.

The company does not register any connection log, the app lacks ads.

It is backed by the laws where the company’s servers located, which is Switzerland.

With the free version, ProtonVPN gives access to servers in three countries: United States, Japan and the Netherlands.

Always this is for a single device and with encrypted connections.

In case you need more features, it is possible to increase the number of servers (up to 44).

Free VPN for Android proton 2.0

It acquires faster, more privacy options, multiple simultaneous connections and up to ten devices connected at the same time using ProtonVPN.

All without connection records remaining since the company guarantees 100% anonymity.

If you are looking for a free VPN application it is worth trying ProtonVPN 2.0.

In our view, it is the best choice if you are looking to leave the slightest trace on the Internet.

You can try it for free: the free service covers most of the needs of a VPN.

DeveloperProton Technologies AG
DownloadFor Android on Google Play

It is now recognized as the Best Free VPN for Android.


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