Motorola VerveBuds 100: Truly Wireless Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Motorola vervebuds 100

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Motorola is another of those historical telephony giants that has diversified its catalogue so that in the demanding ring of the electronics market they may have some other weapon. They already have some model of “really wireless” headphones and now they are releasing the Motorola VerveBuds 100.

These new headphones vary the style we saw in the Motorola VerveBuds 110, more ergonomic and improving their autonomy.

This is far more better than getting caught to Fake Airpods.

Another alternative for those looking for this fashionable format, with independent headphones.

And a box to carry and recharge them, with support for virtual assistants.

VerveBuds 100

Up to 14 hours of playback (with trick)

The design of the new Motorola VerveBuds 100 designed for the day-to-day.

Considering uses such as listening to music or calls on a regular basis or going out to play sports as it has the IPX5 resistance standard against splashes of water and sweat.

They have Bluetooth 5.0 and are compatible with voice assistants Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. 

One of the highlights of this new pair of headphones is that they are quite small. 

According to the manufacturer, a range of up to 14 hours of playback.

This is achieved by adding the 5 hours of playback of the headphones with the additional 9 hours provided by the included portable charging case.

Motorola VerveBuds 100

The brand also promises easy synchronization with any compatible device (with Bluetooth). 

They have a microphone for the functions that we have discussed such as calls or interaction with virtual assistants.

Although to interact with Alexa and enjoy new functions it is necessary to download the Hubble Connect for Verve Life app.

Motorola VerveBuds 100 price and availability

The VerveBuds 100 has an ergonomic design that promises a correct adaptation to the user’s ear.

In the purchase pack the portable charging case, a set of pads and a USB charging cable.

By the way, the VerveBuds 100 headphones cost $49.99 and will be available in black and white.

At the moment in the Amazon purchase link, they appear as not available and they do not appear on the official website.

Meanwhile, Searching for Realm Air Buds? Check out the Analysis.

But the brand reports that they will be from today, so it is possible that this will change in a few hours.

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