Mobdro for Android: The Best Application to Watch TV

Mobdro for Android

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There are many applications to watch television on mobile, but unfortunately, not all of them fulfill their mission as users want. In our search for the best app to watch TV on Android, we find Mobdro for Android.

It is a free tool that claims to be one of the most complete and varied in terms of available television channels.

It is an application that is not available for available on Google Play due to policies. Therefore, we decided to give Mobdro for Android a chance intending to analyze all its functions.

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What is Mobdro for Android?

What is Mobdro for Android

Its creators define Mobdro as an “aggregator” of television channels, which is a free streaming video source capable of organizing each of the channels or videos in different categories.

So that the user knows which content is to watch. The application continually searches to find new sources of free video content available on the web and makes them accessible from the mobile.

Mobdro for Android, therefore, does not offer its content or host the channels on its servers, as it does on streaming video platforms in the style of Netflix.

This implies several things. First, Mobdro for Android is not responsible for the content that appears on each channel.

On the other hand, in case of any problem when trying to connect to a channel, the fault likely found on the web where the channel hosted on.

Also, the application is entirely free, and you do not have to pay anything to use all its features.

Mobdro’s adjustments ensure that they have decided to make the Mobdro premium features of the app available to all users.

All those who want to help in the development and evolution of the app can do through donating Bitcoins.

However, this does not mean that the app shows ads on the menus, when you exit the player or when changing channels.

Mobdro for Android features

Mobdro for Android features

Upon opening Mobdro for Android, the first thing we are going to find is a request for storage permits. When accepting, the app takes us to the main screen.

We see some of the channels currently broadcasting live.

Else the categories of streamings and channels where we can consume content. Today, Mobdro organizes the content into 12 different categories :

  • Channels
  • News
  • Series
  • Films
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Pets
  • Tech
  • Podcasts
  • Spiritual
  • Others

By accessing any of the categories, we will be able to find hundreds of different channels, from countries around the world and in different languages.

It offers the possibility to search for the specific channel you want to watch at that time. Although it is not guaranteed that it will be available – or filter by language.

When we chose which channel we want to watch and click on it, the app directs us directly to a more uncomplicated playback window.

Whose only controls are to pause or resume the video, rotate the content or change the image format.

A menu of options also appears, defined by a “+” symbol, through which to be able to execute two different actions: enable a shutdown alarm, and share the streaming link with other people.

It must be taken into account that, in some cases, the videos do not come from official sources.

Hence, it ends up translated into a limited video resolution and audio quality, with no option to change the source.

To improve these aspects – automatically, Mobdro for Android makes the connection with the most stable streaming, even if this implies losing quality.

Mobdro’s Problems

One of Mobdro’s problems is that there is no way to change the source of the video for another that broadcasts the same content with better quality.

Mobdro also includes, in the side shortcuts menu, the option to watch only those channels that are broadcasting live content. Using both on television and through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

In this case, yes, there is no way to filter the streamings by language. The only way to find exciting content is to reduce to the search magnifier located in the upper right.

Among other exciting options of Mobdro for Android, we find the possibility to download content to the phone memory to be able to see it later without the need for an Internet connection.

When downloading, it will be possible to choose between different time ranges, ranging from 30 seconds to 4 hours.

Depending on whether we want to “record” only part of a program in question, or the entire chapter of our favorite series.

Speaking of favorites, Mobdro allows us to bookmark channels and programs. So they stored to be able to access them quickly whenever we want and without having to search them every time.

Finally, we can not miss the opportunity to mention support for Google Chromecast. A function that not all applications in this category include.

Furthermore, it can undoubtedly be a decisive factor when choosing an application to watch TV on Android.

How to download and install Mobdro for Android

As I said at the beginning, Mobdro is not on Google Play for not complying with the store’s policies. However, downloading and installing this application is very simple, and its developers offer us the detailed steps to follow to do so:

  • Activating unknown sources: On your Android, go to Settings -> Security  -> Unknown sources and activate the option.
  • Download the application: Through the official site of the application, download the Mobdro APK file.
  • Install the application: Before installing this application on your device, you must check the memory capacity of your device. Using a file browser, find the path where you downloaded the file and run it to install Mobdro.

In this way, you have already installed Mobdro for Android on your device. Now you can watch all the channels you want for free without creating an account or registering on the platform.

If there is something definite, it is that Mobdro fulfills its function perfectly.

It includes a wide variety of channels of all kinds and in several different languages. We are rarely going to have problems when playing content.

If there are, they will most likely affect the source that broadcasts the content, and not to the application itself.

In fact, during our tests, only three or four channels of the more than twenty tested have shown the odd pull or lag when playing video.

There have also been no problems when broadcasting content to a TV through a Google Chromecast.

The negative aspects of this app are to reduce to those typical of this type of applications.

  • Poor video and audio quality in the most popular channels.
  • Content sources that appear and disappear overnight.

After all, Mobdro is only an indexing tool, which only gathers the sources of content broadcasting.

But does not have any control over them – or channels that are only available in some countries – this could be corrected using a VPN network.

Are looking for a complete application to watch television, where stability over video quality prevails?

And are you looking for an app that offers a variety of channels?

Mobdro is probably one of the best options that exist today for Watch TV on Android.


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