Hydrogen Electric Bike: Beginning of the Evolution

Hydrogen Powered Hydrogen Electric Bike

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There are many hydrogen-powered vehicle projects, from cars, planes, and ships, to trucks and flying taxis. However, very little is heard of the hydrogen electric bike, which now also seeks to gain a foothold in this ambitious technology that wants to take off worldwide as a green alternative.

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Alter Bike‘ is a project that was born six years ago, which planned to manufacture an electric bicycle powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Today, after several years of research and development, ‘Alter Bike‘ transformed into ‘ alpha ‘.

Which is seeking to be the first hydrogen electric bicycle to enter large-scale production.

‘alpha’, the first Hydrogen Electric Bike

‘Alter Bike’ was born as an initiative of the French company Pragma Industries, focused on the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells.

It had the support of Cycleurope, which designs bicycles, and BMS PowerSafe, who is responsible for designing battery management systems.

‘alpha’ is their first official product. They ensure that it is ready to enter large-scale production over the next few months and begin marketing worldwide.

Inside the ‘alpha‘ hydrogen electric bike we find a lithium-ion battery and a fuel cell, which powered by a cylinder of hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen electric bike cell bicycle

Those responsible expect that in the future they can launch reusable hydrogen cartridges.

It would serve to refill the cylinder according to the needs and thus expand their autonomy on the fly. This is a proposal that arises in the absence of hydrogen stations.

According to the specifications, the ‘alpha’ cylinder has a capacity of 300 bar, offering a range of up to 150 km.

That is an extremely interesting figure if we take into account that electric bicycles offer an average of 50 km.

Another point that stands out on the ‘alpha’ hydrogen electric bike is its recharge time.

Approximately two minutes, according to its creators, while electric bicycles need between 3 and 4 hours to charge their battery.

Pierre Forte, CEO of Pragma, mentioned:

“Alpha fuel cell bicycles offer significant advantages over electric battery bikes, both in terms of autonomy and refueling. While batteries usually take several hours to recharge, hydrogen cylinders can refil in less than two minutes. For large fleet services, this is invaluable. “

The rest of the specifications complemented with a 150 Wh lithium-ion battery. An electric motor that offers 250 W pedalling assistance, as well as a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

According to those responsible, the idea is that ‘alpha’ enters production at the beginning of 2020. Also,  aims to serve first for shared hydrogen electric bike service platforms, public services and transport in companies.

Later in the year to be able to go on sale for end-user. So far they have not defined a price, which will depend first on their success in-service platforms.

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