How to donate on Twitch: Bits and PayPal

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Twitch is a website where games are streamed. So you can watch while someone else is playing a game. Twitch can generate money and for some people, Twitch is actually a profession. What’s up with that? How much money can you earn with Twitch, in what ways is it possible to earn money and how to donate on Twitch?  Let’s find out answers for them.

What is Twitch? is a website and community.

Gamers can show here how good (or bad) they are in a certain game.

You can watch and participate in the chat of the relevant streamer.

You can also show your gaming skills by becoming a streamer on Twitch.

In addition to being fun to do, you can also earn money with it.

All About Donations and how to donate on Twitch

Answering to the question, how to donate on twitch, donations in Twitch work a little differently than other platforms.

Instead, it has options to buy bits, or by donating using your credit card directly/PayPal.

We’ll discuss how to get a Paypal Donation Button on Twitch later in this post.

You give a tip directly to the streamer via PayPal, so that Twitch does not make a cut and the streamer receives all the money.

It appears as a message in the stream but is not qualified for the emotes or badges.

Tipping is the preferred type of tip for many Twitch streamers.

Because the Twitcher receives the entire donation.

Twitch does not tip as it is a transaction between you and the streamer.

They are also more unpredictable and force streamers to continue their A-Game for the entire stream.

However, since tips use PayPal, they can use a chargeback.

Here payment made through PayPal and the payee decides to cancel the payment for any reason.

This is a disadvantage for tips.

Because donations cannot be made as quickly as cheering, they tend to be less emotional or reactive.

These are usually measured rewards that you give a streamer for entertainment or consistently useful, informative, or amusing.

Make money with subscribers

Another way to make money with Twitch is through subscribers.

These are people who become members of your Twitch channel.

They pay a few dollars every month and in exchange, they can use special smilies in chat for example.

Some streamers sometimes have contests that are for subscribers only.

Half of the money a subscriber pays goes to the streamer.

Please note: you can only get subscribers if you are a Twitch partner.

You can request a partnership on Twitch.

It is then assessed whether the content is good enough and whether you have enough viewers.

Ads on Twitch

A streamer that has a partnership with Twitch can also place advertisements.

As a streamer, you can determine yourself if and when you place an advertisement.

You can place as many ads as you want.

But remember that too many ads are annoying for viewers and viewers can stay away from your channel.

You also don’t want your viewers to miss important things.

So you could place ads at times when the viewer certainly doesn’t miss anything.

How much this yield depends entirely on the number of viewers and the advertisements being played.

You should also keep in mind that many viewers have programs that block the ads.

Subscribers also do not see advertisements.

How you are paid?

For the monthly subscribers and the advertisements, you get paid monthly. will pay this money about 45 days after the last day of the month.

This takes a long time and that is because Twitch must first get the money from the advertisers.

Note: if you have earned less than a hundred dollars, you will not receive the money yet.

It is then taken to the next month until you have received at least one hundred dollars.

How much money can you earn with Twitch?

There are people who earn more than $ 8,000 a month with Twitch and there are even known cases that get more than $ 20,000 a month.

A lot, of course, depends on the number of viewers.

Note that it is very difficult to live from gaming.

You will have to work really hard to get a good basic income with Twitch.

For many streamers, it is therefore primarily a hobby that earns them some money.

If you’re new to Twitch, bits and donations may have been mentioned while watching streams.

But, do you know how to donate on Twitch? Let’s find out in this article.

Bits are a virtual currency use in Twitch to demonstrate appreciation for the work of a streamer.

Cheer for those who like to see or entertain you and inspire you to donate micro-donations in the form of bits.

The donations are similar, but the mechanisms behind them are slightly different.

Bits are an internal currency in twitches.

You buy them for real money and can give a certain streamer a certain number of bits to estimate their stream.

Tipping is called Cheering in Twitch if you use bits.

If you cheer, donate a set number of bits.

Donations referred to as tips but viewed and used differently by streamers and users.

twitch how to donate bits

How to get a donation button on Twitch

  • Step 01: Go to and log into your account. If you don’t have an account create a new one. Personal or Business account doesn’t matter.
  • Step 02: Go to Profile, then go to “my selling tools” option.
  • Step 03: Navigate to PayPal Buttons Section and click Update option. After that click on the link “create new button”.
  • Step 04: Select the button type as “Donation” and set your Twitch Channel name. But if you want a more customized button click on the “Customize Text or Appearance” option and create your own button.
  • Step 05: Next go to the “Preview” option and right-click on top of the button. Then save it as an image into your PC.
  • Step 06: Before clicking on the “Create Button” option, set the currency type. Then navigate to “Email Tab” and Copy the code in the “Select Code” option.
  • Step 07: Now open your Twitch account and select your Twitch username. Next, select the “Channel” option.
  • Step 08: Go to the admin button and click on edit. Then use the “+” sign to add a new panel to handle your donations. Name it as “Donation”.
  • Step 09: Then click on “Add Image” and choose the image you downloaded from PayPal (Step 05).
  • Step 10: Finally, click on “Done”. At last, choose the “Image Links” option and paste the donation code copied from PayPal (Step 06).
  • Step 11: Optionally, it is better to set your purpose of donations to your viewers and subscribers. Then go to the “Admin” button and view. Now you are perfect to start 🙂

How to donate on Twitch: Bits

To donate bits on Twitch, you must first buy the bits.

Then you can donate them at will.

How to buy bits from Twitch:

  • Log in to Twitch and go to a channel.
  • Select “Get Bits” at the top right of the stream.
  • Select the amount you want to buy and pay.
  • Wait a few seconds for your inventory to update.
  • Once your bits have arrived in your account, you can cheer streamer on wherever and whenever you want in Twitch.
  • Enter “cheer250 Loving your work” words to donate on Twitch.

There is a countdown timer that takes typing errors into account.

So if you type “cheer2500” instead of “cheer250”, you have five seconds to change your mind.

Once the cheer completes, the transaction is also completed and cannot be undone later.

This process works similarly on all desktop computers and mobile devices.

Buying bits is a little different on mobile devices.

But usage is the same as on your laptop or desktop computer.

purchase bits on twitch for donate

The more you donate on Twitch, the more discount you get, as you can see in the photo.

Your badge in the streamer chat shows how many bits you gave the streamer.

All About Bits

Buying bits is about 1 bit per 1c.

Once you cheer on the streamer, the transaction is irreversible.

The streamer receives the bits as soon as they donate to him/her. But the streamer must accumulate a value of $ 100 to be able to withdraw them.

Beginner streamers or those still working on a fan base will have to wait a while before they are paid.

More popular streamers don’t have to wait that long. Twitch also reduces the cost of operating the website by 25-30%.

If you donate bits, you will receive emotes as a reward.

They are payable if you cheer with 1, 100, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 bits and are available in different shapes and sizes.

The more you cheer, the better the emote.

You’ll also receive cheer chat badges that tell other users on this channel that you’re a supporter.

Cheering with bits is more emotional than donate on Twitch or subscribing.

People usually cheer when the streamer gets killed, says something amusing or clever, or when they win the match.

These are reactive editions that are useful when you feel the streamer has done something particularly cool.

twitch bit emotes

There is a third way you can express your appreciation for Twitch.

Using Shrug Prime you can subscribe to a specific channel for a month for month and the streamer gets a cut of it.

You can follow a channel for one month for a monthly fee of $ 4.99. You can also buy subscriptions in bulk for 3-month or 6-month levels.

In return, you’ll get some unique emotes and badges, and access to exclusive chat rooms or events.

There are also some ad-free experiences, depending on the stream. This is a great way to earn money online.

Different streams offer different advantages. Check this before signing in.

It’s what drives these people to work hard for you and their only reward for maybe hours of effort.

This feedback loop of performance and reward makes Twitch great. Support it as best you can!


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