Havit i97 Review: Cheap Headphones but Quality?

Havit i97 Review

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Havit is a reputed brand of technology products with more than 15 years of experience. Generally, they distribute gaming or audio devices. However, with the rise of TWS headsets, it didn’t take long for them to jump on the bandwagon. One of its latest models is called Havit i97 and it is characterized by something, it is for being cheap. But what about, well? This is exactly what we want to find out. We tell you all the ins and outs that hide these headphones. Let’s get on with the latest Havit i97 Review.

My experience with the Havit i97 Review!

Since we were not going to buy these headphones for what they cost. They have a price of less than $16, a great deal. Also, if you buy on AliExpress you always have the possibility to save more using a discount coupon. The only thing that bothers me is having to wait 2-3 weeks to try them.

They arrived in just over 2 weeks. The funny thing is that the firm does not use the free shipping AliExpress Standard Shipping, but ePacket. Actually, as it does not exceed $23 that customs marks gave us a little the same.

For what we paid, I wasn’t expecting such a good and clean presentation. The order comes perfectly packaged in its box. When removing the packaging we find a very elegant white and orange box. Surely you are wondering … what comes inside? Well, the following: charging cable, pads of different sizes, headphones and case.

Fortunately, the pads can be changed. O well. for the ones that come as a spare or for some others that you have used. As they did not fit well to my ear, I changed them and solved the problem in a few seconds.

Regarding the sound, they are quite balanced. Of course, it shows that they have put much more emphasis on the bass. As for the battery we have nothing to object to. Well, it is above average. What’s more, the best you’ll find almost in this price range. Below we talk long and hard about all the features …

✔️ The best

Without a doubt, the price is what I liked the most. We are used to paying almost double for True Wireless headphones of this type. In addition, if that were not enough they offer much more than others costing considerably less.

Among other specifications, I like that they can be used separately. That the controls are through a touch panel or that they support the world of video games such as the QCY T5. They also offer resistance to splashing water or sweat and the battery it provides is more than enough.

❌ The worst

Until a few months have passed I will not know. But I doubt its useful life. It is normal considering what we are paying. I would also like there to be a more advanced battery meter, among other things. Also, the build quality could have been better. Finally, there is no way to turn the volume up or down through the headphones.

Havit i97


Up to 5 hours of autonomy.

If you are one of those who give an intermediate use. The battery can last up to 5 hours at medium-low volume. However, the 40 mAh capacity according to our tests provides almost exactly 4 hours. However, its strong point is that the case offers 400 mAh. Or, which is the same as 25 hours or 4-5 full charges of the hearing aids.

The headphones are charged via USB Type-C. Which is appreciated since almost all mobiles already have this system. It takes around 1 hour to fully charge the headphones. While the box will take about 2 hours.


The design is similar to that of the apple.

Unlike their first versionHavit i93, these headphones mimic the design of AirPods. With a firm and rigid appearance, but light and comfortable. However, they are slightly larger than I expected. In addition, they can be chosen in two colours, black and white which is illustrated in this Havit i97 review.

Thanks to their IPX4 certification, they are resistant to splashing water and sweat. Also from other external agents such as dust. What makes them headphones suitable for taking to the gym, jogging or walking. Not for submerging in water or swimming. For that, there are other options that perhaps we will talk about sometime.


Good for what they cost.

Do not expect a wonder. Well, these headphones have the basic technology that others use. For example, AAC and SBC codecs or frequency response ranges like 20 – 20,000 Hz. Its sensitivity is 94dB and the resistance is 32Ω. Incalls inside the house, it defends itself quite well. But, when doing them outdoors it suffers a lot. That is to say, it becomes quite a chore to have a stable conversation.

As for the sound, tell you first of all that we are not audio experts. However, we believe they more than fulfil their role. They are headphones for the day to day where the tones are balanced and none stands out above the other. If you’re looking for professional audio, you won’t find it on the Havit i97 or any other TWS headphones.


Low latency and Bluetooth 5.0.

From this Havit i97 review, I do not recommend buying 1000% headphones that do not have the latest Bluetooth version, that is, 5.0. Without it, it is almost impossible to enjoy low latency and fully synchronized image and audio. With these headphones, you can watch videos on YouTube or series on Netflix without problems. What if there is a delay of a few milliseconds. After pairing them the first time, you just have to take them out of the box to pair automatically. And, in the case that only one is heard, restore them from the factory.

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How do Havit i97 work?

Surely you already know that the Havit i97 works through a touch panel. Depending on the times we touch it, some things will happen. With headphones, you can do almost anything except turn the volume up or down. If you want to buy them and need to know beforehand how they work we leave you a list of the most used controls.

  • Answer or reject call: double-tap left or right.
  • Reject call: press and hold for more than 1s.
  • Pause or resume song: double-tap on both.
  • Activate voice assistant ( Siri-Google Assistant ): 4 taps on any.
  • Next song: 3 touches right.
  • Rewind song: 3 touches left.

Where to buy the Havit i97?

This is the question that many ask themselves. However, the answer is given through the Havit i97 Review to you. There are several places to shop. However, only one offers the best prices. And, it is neither more nor less than AliExpress. There is the official store and the prices are very tempting. Furthermore, shipping times leave a lot to be desired. So there is another alternative, Amazon. But, there the prices are much more expensive. Choose based on what suits you best.

Havit i97 Review

In conclusion, I would recommend these headphones to almost any user. They are cheap, have a good autonomy and do not sound bad either. For starters, it is one of the best options with the Haylou GT1 with their respective differences.

Havit does not pay us. However, we are passionate about headphones with this technology and that’s why we do it. We are as objective as possible with all our opinions. If you want to buy the Havit i97 headphones and have doubts, we recommend to read our Havit i97 Review from the beginning and leave a comment just below. We will try to answer you as soon as possible and advise you on your purchase.

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