Fisker electric car: a SUV with a sunroof

fisker electric car

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In March 2019, a mysterious campaign implied that Fisker was alive as a car manufacturer, this after several legal problems and changes. At that time, they claimed that they would “reinvent the SUV“. Already for November, Fisker appeared again showing conceptual images of Fisker¬†electric car baptised as Fisker Ocean.

Now during CES 2020, the manufacturer has returned to give signs of life by presenting for the first time the pre-production version of this electric SUV, as well as some of its specifications and marketing details.

For those who do not remember, businessman Henrik Fisker found Fisker Inc. in 2016.

Three years after Fisker Automotive, which was his first company, fall down due to the failure of his hybrid sports car known as Karma.

karma fisker electric car

A Chinese company revived karma after acquiring the late Fisker Automotive, which was bankrupt.

That company is now calling as Karma Automotive. They are about to launch an electric car under the name Revero.

Do you know manufacturers think about the sound of the cars? Not believing? Check this how electric cars sound.

They claim that it is “the most sustainable car in the world.”

Among all the chaos surrounding Fisker, the company intended to start this new company with an electric sports car known as EMotion, which presented during CES 2018.

A year later Fisker announced that they suspending the project in favour of the Ocean, which is now emerging as its first Fisker electric car.

First Fisker electric car, is it the best?

First electric car Fisker

Clarified all this chaos now let’s see what this Fisker Ocean has to offer.

Mentioned earlier, it is a Fisker electric car in SUV format that, according to the first specifications.

It will arrive with a lithium-ion battery pack of 80 kWh. This would give autonomy of between 402 and 483 km per charge.

Here we need to know what type of approval cycle they are based on.

At the moment there are no details of the engine. But it is known that it will have four-wheel drive and will have acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds.

Fisker seeks to promote the Ocean as “the most sustainable car in the world“.

Since they claim that inside it will have recycled materials, such as upholstery made of reclaimed nylon through abandoned fishing net waste.

At the same time, the finishes would manufacture from polyurethane, rayon, polyester and reused rubber.

One of its most attractive features would be the incorporation of a sunroof, which would be throughout the entire vehicle.

According to Fisker, would offer up to 1,600 kilometres of additional autonomy per year.

Now the Fisker electric car Ocean can book, and deliveries scheduled for late 2021 and early 2022.

How much will Fisker electric car costs?

The price starts at $ 37,499, and the manufacturer clarifies that this price is “for a limited number of vehicles”.

But does not specify how many or what will be the price after this.

One aspect that attracts attention, and with which Fisker says it will reach one million units produced in 2027.

They will be offering a lease option for the United States for $ 379 per month.

This includes the vehicle as well as its maintenance and maintenance services.

Fisker explains that this leasing model does not have a forced term or “long-term contract”.

Fisker electric car price

It will allow the user to keep the car as long as the user pays an initial payment of $ 2,999.

Here it is worth mentioning that additional services, such as insurance, will be the responsibility of the user.

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