Fake AirPods: What cheap China clone pods do?

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Copied well is winning half the battle? This applies to many products from the Far East – however, we are somewhat sceptical when it comes to replicating the popular AirPods with the name i7s TWS clone pods.

Apple AirPods: Original vs. China copy

The AirPods from Apple, according to sales figures, the most popular wireless headset in the world. No wonder that many online shops offer deceptively real models from China. We want to know and try it: What can cheap China clone pods do compared to the original in terms of processing and sound? Does clone pods worth buy?

clone pods fake airpods

At Amazon you quickly come across cheap clone pods when looking for AirPods:

We choose the i7s TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for just under $22 and eagerly await delivery.

When we unpack it, we see the first surprise – it shouldn’t be the only one. The headphones act like AirPods on steroids: the box and the individual earphones are much larger than the original. The quality cannot keep up with the AirPods and, according to the price, looks rather cheap. To charge the listeners, you have to ram them into the box and press a button on the front.

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The clone pods themselves have a small LED and a button. The design corresponds – except for the size, precisely to the real AirPods. Next, we want to connect the clone pods and test the sound.

The instructions tell in English and Chinese how to do this: press the button on a handset and connect to the cell phone via Bluetooth. It works right away. However, two devices appear in the Bluetooth settings on our smartphone – each handset individually.

Let’s put AirPods clone into the test: music only on one side?


We already have an unlikely guess, which turns out to be true for the first song you play will only hear on one stopper at a time. Either left or right. Because each handset establishes its connection to the cell phone, both not recognized as headphones, but as two different ones.

That cannot be; we do not want to believe it and are looking for a solution.

We found what we were looking for on YouTube: The instructions for connecting incorrectly translated and therefore lead to the clone pods set up individually.

Here’s how it works: You press both buttons on the plugs at the same time until one stops flashing. Then you can connect them to the cell phone and listen to music on both sides. Well, it works.

How do they sound Not very well?

The sound is thin and absolute without the bass. They are not close enough for the quality of AirPods and Apple’s EarPods, which include with every iPhone. For $35 you can get Bluetooth models with much better sound.

You can start and pause the music using the buttons on the clone pods, and a double-tap calls the last contact, a long press starts the next song.

Siri, however, cannot be activated. You can also make calls; each plug has a microphone. The voice quality is okay. When you call, the sound only played on one side. The second earphone is switching off when you are on the phone.

i7s TWS: The disappointing clone pod of AirPods

i7s TWS fake clone pods

AirPods(clone pods) clone from China for $35, which is based on the model in terms of design, but not even close to Apple headphones in terms of processing and sound.

The facility only worked after several attempts. The battery life specified as three to four hours. In reality, it ends after just two hours. The charging box takes at least one hour to recharge the headphones and beeps unpleasantly when charging.

i7s TWS test rating

  • Sound: 10%
  • Comfort: 30%
  • Processing: 10%
  • Battery: 20%
  • Overall: 15% (the music makes up 50% of the overall grade)

Test conclusion: Not recommended for daily usage. Only those who need wireless headphones for sports, for example, could try the i7s clone pods. If you value a reasonably good sound, you can find significantly better models for just $35 and those who want AirPods should buy the original.

The AirPods are a success story – and Apple is working on a successor.

What should this second generation of headphones offer? And how much can it cost? Let us know what you think about clone pods.


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