Electric Tricycle is now powered by Solar Energy

Electric Tricycle

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It is called Wello, it is French and seeks to become an attractive solution for personal and freight transport within short distances. Its design is what could most attract attention as an Electric Tricycle, with two front wheels and one rear.

But its strong point is that it has a sunroof that would allow it to recharge its battery and thus extend its autonomy.

Broadly speaking, it is an electric vehicle that its creators promote as “an electric car with the advantages of a bicycle.

An electric car with the advantages of a bicycle: Electric Tricycle

As explained by the creators of Wello, this vehicle is 0.8 meters wide x 2.3 meters long.

In theory, Electric Tricycle allows driving along the bike lane, although this will depend on the regulations of each country.

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As for the design, Wello is based on a tilt mechanism integrated into the front wheels, an idea similar to Yamaha’s electric scooter.

It has capacity for a driver in the front and an adult in the rear.

Although Wello Electric Tricycle supports two children or can even modify to have a cargo area.

According to the specifications, this vehicle supports up to 80 kilograms of cargo or 800 litres.

The roof has solar cells connected to the battery, which would help extend autonomy.

Electric Tricycle advantages

Wello Electric Tricycle has pedals when you do not want to use the engine.

You can even choose that the roof does not have solar energy capabilities and is only an electric vehicle.

Wello Technical Details Exposed?

Wello managers have not offered Electric Tricycle’s technical details.

They have only advanced that it will have an electric motor capable of offering speeds between 25.5 and 40 km / h, depending on the regulations of each country.

While the battery would be able to give us an autonomy of up to 100 kilometres per charge.

Hence, not counting the additional kilometres that the sunlight gives us.

Of course, Wello Electric Tricycle would also have connection and synchronization to our smartphone through a mobile app.

Electric scooter type tricycle

In which would give us basic details such as its autonomy, diagnosis of the motor and battery, as well as the route and location tracing due to its integrated GPS.

Also, this app can configure for the management of several Wello, as a distribution fleet.

Despite all these supposed benefits, Wello is not cheap.

Its price will be its main brake.

Since we are talking about the solar panel version will cost from $ 8,800.

The company will also offer a version without panels at a price that is announcing later.

It is estimated that Electric Tricycle will go on sale at the end of 2020. While entering into production in 2021, the year in which deliveries would also be made.

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