Canon EOS M200 Complete Analysis 2020

Canon EOS M200

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The Canon EOS M200 is the brand’s model to enter the world of mirrorless cameras with a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, Dual Pixel focus system, the inevitable 4K video and flip-down screen for the world of social networks.

And because of its design and ease of use, it was born with the idea of ​​forgetting mobile phones for two reasons: the size of the APS-C sensor and the possibility of changing lenses.

This new model follows the path marked by the Canon EOS M100.

In fact, it is very similar and could be confused. At first glance, the only thing that changes is the position of the record button. Everything else remains in place.

The idea of ​​this model is to simplify the photographic capture to the maximum so as not to confuse the user that comes from the world of smartphones.

And tempt you by offering more things than what you can get with the device in your pocket.

Let’s see if he has succeeded.

Technical specifications of the Canon EOS M200

IMAGE SENSORCMOS 22.3 x 14.9 mm 24.1 MP
ISO SENSITIVITY100 - 25 600 in increments of 1/3 point
Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. Phase detection pixels built into the image sensor with a maximum of 143 focus points
MOUNTEF-M (EF and EF-S lenses are compatible with the EF-EOS M mount adapter)
LCD SCREEN7.5 "(3.0") LCD touch screen (TFT) 3: 2 format. Approx. 1,040,000 pixels. Electrostatic capacitive type. Tilt approx. 180 ° up
IMAGE FORMATJPEG: good, normal; RAW (CR3 14 bits)
MAXIMUM RESOLUTION, FORMAT AND VIDEO COMPRESSION4K: 3840 x 2160 (23.98, 25 fps); MP4 [Video: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, Audio: MPEG-4 AAC]
STORAGESD, SDHC or SDXC (compatible with UHS-I)
CONNECTIVITYHi-Speed ​​USB (micro USB); HDMI (micro type D connector); 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi; Bluetooth
BATTERYLP-E12 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
DIMENSIONS108.2 x 67.1 x 35.1 mm
WEIGHTApprox. 299 g

Design and construction

Flip screen Canon EOS
Flip screen

It is a well-built camera but that does not allow us to forget at any time that it is not professional.

The design, identical to that of its predecessor, wants to draw the attention of the audience around you.

The model we have tested has a white finish and is the centre of all curious looks.

The most striking is the flip screen that allows perfect selfies as long as the goal is discreet.

I imagine that placing a 24-70 f2.8 with the adapter will make this mission impossible.

The idea is to give the feeling of having something as simple as a cell phone camera in your hands.

Hence the exterior lines, the lack of an optical viewfinder and the shortage of connections.

It is the simplification to the fullest but not as we would like many.

Simply the trigger button and the possibility of working with the 3 “touch screen.

There is no viewfinder but the flash is not missing
There is no viewfinder but the flash is not missing

I think that the idea of ​​Canon with this range is to convince mobile phone users that photography is easy and with the price of a mid-high-end mobile you can get superior quality photographs with two serious arguments: the size of the sensor and the change of objectives.

Not to mention an eye focus system and the famous Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for the world of video.

The separate Card Canon EOS M200
The separate battery card Good!

And we’ll see at the next point of sensor quality.

Now it’s time to talk about the objective of the kit.

It is the EF-M 15-45 mm f / 3.5-6.3 IS STM.

It is small and light, with questionable brightness and medium image quality compared to other lenses in the Canon catalogue.

And it has an awkward stop to store it. It is far from shooting and that’s it.

Single camera
Single camera

But if they want it, it is to convince the user of the advantages of the cameras compared to mobile phones, perhaps it is not the best option.

Perhaps a fixed pancake goal would attract more attention.

But this lens doesn’t even allow angular recording when recording in 4k due to clipping.

The camera is well secured. 

Many will be tempted to take it with one hand, as they do with their phones.

But the stability you get by holding it well with both is essential … because it is not stabilized.

And it is quite wide, so it is impossible to store the camera exactly as potential users put their phone in their pocket or bag.

It seems a small detail but I assure you that it is one of the things that I have been told most when I see the Canon EOS M200 in action.

The image quality of the Canon EOS M200

We cannot forget that although we are with a small camera in our hands, it has the APS-C size sensor that the SLRs of the house carry.

That is, this 22.1 x 14.9 mm CMOS sensor of 24.1 MP is the same as that of the Canon EOS 80D.

Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1640 f6.3
Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1640 f6.3

And that shows. We also have the new DIGIC 8 processor, so the answer is a little better than the DIGIC 6 that mounts the SLR. If we look at the ISO performance photograph of the EOS M200 we will see that it arrives without problems at 6400 ISO. It is not much in these times but as I always say, who really needs more sensitivity?

ISO Canon EOS M200
ISO Canon EOS M200

The representation in the shadows and in the lights is perfect and with a little help in revealing the shadows can be lifted without problems.

And as always and as we have already said, it would be best to bet on another objective when buying the camera.

The difference in detail can become noticeable, in addition to the improvement in distortion and vignetting.

Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1800 f7.1
Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1800 f7.1

TechCoderGuru Foto’s opinion

It is a camera for those who have a mobile and want to get more quality.

With the Canon EOS M200, you can sting the bug of working with a camera with more options and things as strange to them as a wide range of diaphragms.

Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1500 f8
Canon Eos M200 Iso 100 1500 f8

They will gain quality but lose the convenience of the mobile.

During the test, I left the camera to my friend, a convinced smartphone world and returned it to me in just an hour because it was large, heavy and without the versatility of the phone.

Canon Eos M200 Iso 12800 120 f6.3
Canon Eos M200 Iso 12800 120 f6.3

And that is the problem with this camera.

Born with the idea of ​​replacing a device that is an extension for many photographers.

And leaving something small, flat and that allows editing and publishing directly are very difficult.

The idea should not be to find something similar, but something radically different … a more advanced camera like the ones we can find in the brand’s own catalogue… For example a Canon EOS M50

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And it’s a shame because it’s a camera with a fabulous sensor. A wrong body with a perfect heart and brain. 

The quality of RAW files, the convenience of the flip-up screen for those who like to be portrayed, the speed of transferring files to the smartphone through the Canon Camera Connect app …

And it’s a shame because it’s a camera with a fabulous sensor. A wrong body with a perfect heart and brain.

And in this niche market, there is a lot of competition … There it is, even with a smaller sensor the same Canon Powershot G5x, or the Sony A5100 …

The Canon EOS M200 is an input camera. It stands out more for its interior (Dual Pixel CMOS AF for video, focus on the eye …) than for the external features.

And he lacks a good entry goal to be really attractive.

Mirrorless cameras don’t have to look mobile … they have to stand out for their endless possibilities of use.

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