Electric Bikes: Top 5 Best Selling in the World

Electric Bikes

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Are you interested in buying Electric Bikes?

Then you must read this article before making any purchase as this is equally important.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the best sellers who sell Electric Bikes or Electric Bicycles in your words.

The effort and wear involved in riding a classic bicycle reduced with the arrival of modern and revolutionary Electric Bikes.

These come equipped with an electric motor which the energy provided through a battery to assist with the advance.

Here is my top 5 Electric Bikes

1. Honda Kushi

honda kushi electric bikes

The renowned and distinguished Honda brand two years ago manufactured ideal models of Electric Bikes for the average cyclist that you can buy for a little over 800 euros.

Its motor has a power of 240 W with a range of 40 km. Similarly, has a lead and acid battery that you can change when necessary and at an affordable cost.

This bike not only guarantees you quality, but it is also an economical option.

2. Moma eBike 26

moma electric bikes

Considering statistics, Moma eBike is the most sold urban Electric Bikes in all of Europe.

It is a bike that weighs only 20 kg and has an autonomy of 80 km. This can be used not only to go for walks, but it is also a good option if you need the means to move to work or university.
Similarly, it has a LED light on it’s front and the back, an LCD that gives you information about the battery status.

In addition to Shimano levers, they offer seven-speed changes. With all these prestigious elements, this Electric Bike can be obtained in the market for 860 euros in Amazon.

3. NCM Moscow

ncm moscow ebikes

This is one of the best selling Electric Bikes due to its robustness and quality.

Features include; Tektro disc brakes and Shimano changes, two good, and big brands are known to professional cyclists.

Its autonomy reaches 120 km with 21-speed changes and a 250W Das-Kit motor whose lithium battery is 48V. It’s available for a price of 1200 euros at Amazon.

4. Xiaomi QiCycle<

xiaomi qicycle electric bicycle

Comparatively one of the best folding Electric Bikes recorded with the highest number of sales. Xiaomi QiCycle has a Panasonic lithium battery, weighs 14.5 Kg being extraordinarily light and Shimano parts.

It offers an autonomy that reaches 25 km. Its price is 899 euros on Amazon.

5. Alterbike Runner

alterbike runner ebicycle

With a touch of personality, Alterbike designed an electric bicycle with bright colors. However, it is not the only thing that we can highlight; it is ideal for flat roads.

Alterbike Runner offers a range of 40 km and has a 450W motor, in addition to weighting 18 kg. Another point in its favor is its reasonable price of 763 euros in Amazon.
Moreover, you can find other similar Electric Bikes lists on electricas.bike and bicycling.com.

Which one of the above all are you going to try?
Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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