5 Best Driver Update Software for Windows

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Keeping the software of our equipment updated is a crucial aspect to guarantee the security and the excellent operation of it. But drivers are a part of the software that we sometimes leave out. The process of installing and updating the drivers is usually left to the operating system itself. Still, sometimes we require more complete alternatives to keep our drivers up to date. Let’s find out 5 Best Driver Update Software for Windows.

Driver Booster

This application developed by IObit is compatible with all recent versions of Windows (starting with XP).

Driver Booster
Source: https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/32491-iobit_driver_booster

After analyzing the equipment, Driver Booster draws up a list of installed drivers.

It detects which are obsolete ( claims to have 3 million in its database ), allowing them to be updated and previously created restore points.

An exciting aspect of this software is that, in addition to the drivers, it also deals with keeping other components of the equipment installed and updated.

Such as libraries and execution environments (Java, MS Visual C ++, .Net Framework, PhysX, etc.).

It is also possible to schedule periodic (and silent) checks on them.

Both features (such as the creation of restore points) is exclusive to the premium version.

However, the free version is still an exciting option to keep our drivers up to date.

Driver Talent

Driver Talent is an application similar to Driver Booster.

Best Driver Update Software for Windows Driver Talent
Source: https://www.filecroco.com/download-driver-talent/

Like this one, it detects which devices lack updated drivers.

But it also has the incentive of allowing us to choose between the latest or stable versions of each driver.

Also, it focuses more on detecting and repairing damaged drivers.

As well as making and restoring functional backups.

AVG Driver Updater

The company that developed AVG and Avast antivirus also have its driver updater.

AVG Driver Updater
Source: https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/AVG-Driver-Updater.shtml

AVG Driver Updater, compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and always reputed as one of the Best Driver Update Software.

Like all other AVG apps, it requires an AVG MyAccount user account.

Its database created from 500,000 drivers.

The bad news is that the free version only allows you to scan and notify the user of what drivers need to be installed/updated.

But does not allow the installation to be carried out.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is an entirely different software from the previous ones.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin best driver update software
Source: https://alternativeto.net/software/snappy-driver-installer-origin/

It is one of the Best Driver Update Software to keep your windows drivers updated.

Firstly, because it is free software (it have a free version and a premium version) and portable (it does not require installation).

Secondly, because it does not require an Internet connection at the time of installing the drivers.

We can download all the drivers together with the program, with which we will obtain a ‘package’ of a total of 14 Gb of weight.

Two other options that the program will provide us will be to download only the indexes.

Also, the network controllers (LAN, WLAN, and Wi-Fi to quickly put the equipment online).

In summary, it is a program intended mainly for computer technicians.

Its less elegant and usable interface than its rivals also offers greater user control (especially after activating its ‘Expert Mode’).

DriverPack Solution

If the particular interface of Snappy Driver Installer Origin has not convinced you, we present you with very similar software with a much more ‘habitual’ and pure aspect.

DriverPack Solution
Source: https://drp.su/en

DriverPack Solution, also free software. It also has three versions, two of them aimed at advanced users:

  • DriverPack Online: In the style of Driver Booster or Driver Talent, it is limited to detecting installable/updateable drivers. Hence downloading them from the Internet and installing them on the computer.
  • DriverPack Network: As above, but including all network drivers.
  • DriverPack Offline: This latest version allows burning a DVD with several Gb of drivers that will enable detecting and installing drivers offline.

So comment on your Best Driver Update Software below. Share your experience with them!

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